Windows 365 Cloud PC

Welcome to Windows 365 Cloud PC

Great for:
-> Remote workers
-> Consultants
-> Contractors
-> Temp Staff

Cloud PC as a Service:
-> Windows 365 Thin Client
-> Cloud PC
-> Microsoft 365
-> Support for all the above

Contract Microsoft to manage the support, patching and upgrades of your Windows Cloud PCs.

Access your Cloud PCs anywhere on many different devices.

Reduce your annual desktop TCO costs by 50% per user when you move to Cloud PC.

(*Gartner published desktop TCO costs compared to Cloud PC as a Service costs)

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    With You Every Step Of The Way

    New Microsoft Licencing Model
    Fast Performance
    Let Microsoft Manage Your Desktops
    Support available 24x7
    Increase Number Of Cloud PCs Quickly​
    Replace Windows 7 Desktops
    Login globally
    Access via PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebook
    Replace slow laptop with fast Thin Client
    Offset against Tax
    Save Costs on desktop support
    Automatic backups taken of each desktop

    Our Partners

    We Provides All Facilities For Remote Working

    Fast Performance
    We supply:

    Highly secure, easily managed Cloud Desktops