Enabling Hybrid Work with Cloud Desktops

Hybrid Work – It’s here to stay

MSPs have a fantastic opportunity now. Many businesses are offering their employees a hybrid work model — the opportunity to split their time between working in the office and at home. The age of hybrid work is here and, as it appears, here to stay. For many businesses it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also necessary to satisfy current requirements and attract and retain employees.

All this newfound work flexibility comes with its challenges. Challenges range from the need to collaborate with others, share information easily, and seamlessly move from home to the office and back again without compromise. Adding to this, the return of business travel increases the need to work anywhere, at any time, on any device securely without compromise. MSPs that understand, embrace, and act on this will win.

The hybrid work dynamic is complex. It’s part human resource, behavioral, and employee policy driven. Technology is playing a foundational and significant role as it’s surfacing as the enabler or the glue in making hybrid work happen. If there was ever a use case for managed, continuously optimized cloud desktops, this is it. Cloud desktops done right allow employees to access an uncompromised IT experience that is secure, always available, and ubiquitous.

The Opportunity for MSPs

You can wait until the market reaches out to you to solve the challenge or, instead, be proactive. You can wait for opportunities to come to you (demand management) or be assertive and proactive and open the eyes of your market to what can be possible (demand generation). Proactive wins! Let the market know you are a resource they can leverage.

Instead of promoting the fact that you do DaaS, VDI, cloud desktops, etc., address the problem businesses are trying to solve – how to effectively transition employees from work to home and back in a way that does not compromise the security, performance and access to applications and data that employees need. You can do this plus provide tools for collaboration, all wrapped into your larger, comprehensive managed service. In the end you continue to honor your promise of being a trusted advisor and the outsourced focal point for IT as you satisfy the current and future hybrid work demands of businesses.

What to do next

Formalize your focus around enabling IT service for hybrid work through your service practice.  Define a business plan that includes revenue targets, engagement volumes, and a marketing and sales plan. You’ll have a means to measure your progress and results.

We can help. Spot by NetApp has developed a fully managed and unique cloud desktop service for MSPs – Spot PC. It leverages Microsoft’s AVD and Windows 365 optimization for onboarding/deployment, data migration, application lifecycle management, monitoring, data protection, compliance, and storage. As a result of our use of Spot’s optimization technology, we can offer Spot PC at a low fixed price per user. We own the Azure subscription and billing, so you don’t have to. That makes Spot PC easier for you to get up and running with than other solutions in the market.

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