Spot PC: The Right Solution, The Right Time, The Right Team

Spot PC from Spot by NetApp

Last month Spot by NetApp launched Spot PC, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result. I want to take a minute to reflect on the journey that got us here and (hopefully) share some of my unbridled enthusiasm and optimism.

Within NetApp there is a group of roughly 1,000 employees working on Cloud Services. Over the past 2-3 years, this group has been expanding rapidly, including several strategic acquisitions. Within this business unit we’ve found like-minded cloud evangelists, building innovative and powerful tools to support business in the public cloud across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

I, and much of the Spot PC team, came to NetApp via the acquisition of CloudJumper in early 2020. For the preceding 19 years our company had focused on remote computing. Over those 19 years we evolved our solution across multiple technologies and strategies. By 2020 we landed on two offerings. The first is/was a maned DaaS offering based on AVD. The second is/was a software tool for DIY AVD optimization, administration, and management. We wanted to offer both an easy “turnkey DaaS” solution and an option for MSPs that wanted to manage the environment themselves.  After joining Spot by NetApp we’ve continued to grow our team, roughly doubling since that acquisition.

Building the Ultimate DaaS Offering

After the acquisition, with the financial and structural support of NetApp and Spot (by NetApp), we’ve been able to realize our most lofty goal of one solution that was both “turnkey” and flexible. We focused on the managed DaaS solution, and built a web portal that gives MSPs powerful co-management control. We’ve built a DaaS offering that is based on Azure’s AVD service and runs in the clients Azure tenant. We’ve been able to collaborate with peers from other strategic NetApp acquisitions, sharing knowledge and integrating their technology. Due to the support of the core NetApp business, we’ve been able to deliver a fixed fee DaaS offering. This flat fee offering stands out in an industry where complex, variable invoices are the norm.

An Experienced and Dedicated Support Team

The Spot PC team remains dedicated and focused on just Spot PC. Our support team primarily came over in the acquisition. The same is true of our onboarding team, the product management and development teams. We’ve been able to incorporate the best of a large and diverse company without losing the focus and expertise in this one niche area.

One of the values we carried over to NetApp is our affinity and appreciation of the MSP channel. We are not setup to support end users, rather we’ve built a high-tier support team to backstop our MSP partners, who in turn own the end customer relationship. This allows us to deliver the value of Spot PC and allows our MSP partners to multiply that value with the hands-on experience, long-term relationships, and expertise only possible on the front line of IT support.

MSPs Drive the Value Multiplier

We know that a stand-alone desktop, without an MSP tightly integrated in administration and support of the end users, is of limited value. Conversely, we know that a co-managed desktop solution, paired with an engaged and empowered MSP, can deliver immense value to both the MSP and the end client(s). That’s why we paired our top quality DaaS solution with an MSP focused portal. Spot by NetApp delivers a fixed-fee, extremely powerful AVD desktop solution. At the same time, MSPs manage multiple customers, see real-time performance metrics, and completely manage all their AVD images in one place.

We’re always considering new MSP partnerships, if you’re an MSP looking to add (or refine) your cloud desktop practice please reach out for a conversation.